Unlike North American tube fittings, which rely on a flare for sealing, European fittings are designed with a ferrule which bites into the tubing when compressed by a threaded nut. They are generally referred to as "bite type" fittings. The most common is the German 24° cone DIN (Deutsches Institute fur Normung) fitting. The male fitting has a recessed 24° cone to accept either the metric sized tubing along with the bite ferrule and nut, or a female hose fitting with similar dimensions. For better sealing at high pressures, the female fitting may incorporate an o-ring. Styles with or without o-rings are interchangeable. Since fittings may be designed for light or heavy service, identification is obtained by measuring (in millimeters) the tube O.D., male thread O.D., and pitch expressed in distance from crest to crest.

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