Hydraulic Hose

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Hose selection

Hoses are usually choosen based on the working pressure of the hydraulic system. However other factors can dramatically affect hose assembly life. The following should be considered to help the selection process:



Single wire braid versus double wire braid


Using high-tensile wire, single wire braid hoses will often have adequate working pressure for many systems. However, if used outside, cover damage that exposes the braid will result in corroded wires and hose failure. An extra braid separated by a rubber layer greatly extends hose life at a small premium.



Compact hoses versus standard hose


Modern manufacturing equipment allows single and double wire braided hoses to be manufactured to exacting tolerances. This process control has allowed the development of products with thinner covers and tubes, resulting in products with reduced weight, increased flexibility and, most importantly for OEM customers, reduced cost. However there is a trade-off. Thinner covers mean that the hoses are more easily damaged by abrasion and, as noted above, if the braid is exposed, it will result in an early failure. And, since all rubbers break down over time from exposure to ozone and weathering, a thinner cover generally reduces hose life, particularly in tight bend situations.



Spiral reinforced hose

To reach higher system pressures and retain flexibility, wires are applied in four or six spiralled layers rather than in braids.





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