Hort adapters shown here are for general hydraulic use. Whenever possible, elbows and tees are forged one-piece designs rather than braised from components. However where manufacturing quanities are insufficient to warrant forging, parts are braised.

Thread Identification

Throughout the world, a somewhat confusing array of thread styles are now being used. Where most local distributors used to see only domestic designs, they are now faced with supplying replacement hoses and fittings of a multitude of styles, dimensions, and sealing methods. To be more easily understood these can be broken down into the following groups.

Dash Numbers

Most fluid piping system sizes are measured by dash numbers. These are universally used abbreviations for the size of component expressed as the numerator of the fraction with the denominator always being 16. For example, a -04 port is 4/16 or 1/4 inch. Dash numbers are usually nominal (in name only) and are abbreviations that make ordering of components easier. There are many coupling systems used for hydraulic connections.



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