SAE Flange


SAE 4-bolt flange connections are commonly used on mobile heavy equipment and other high pressure applications. There are two SAE series of flanges, code 61 standard series and code 62 high pressure series. Code 62 flanges have larger and thicker head diameters and use a different bolt size, bolt grade (8 instead of 5) and bolt hole pattern. Caterpillar style flanges are also available and feature a thicker 0.560" flange head and require special flange halves, but do conform to code 62 bolt hole patterns. Flange heads have a machined groove where the o-ring seats. The flange seal is achieved when the o-ring is compressed between the flange head and the smooth faced port. The flange head is secured to the port by two split flange clamp halves and four bolts. Other less common flanges include the Komatsu style flange in -10, and the very rare French Poclain style flanges. The Komatsu flange is available in 5000 series couplings, and Poclain flanges are listed with the 8600 series fittings.

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